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Coding sprint Scikit-learn

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Coding sprint Scikit-learn


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Du 25 février au 1er mars 2019
Scikit-learn will be holding a sprint in Paris, 25 Feb to Mar 1st. Each day, the sprint will start at 9.30 am until 6.30 pm.
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People present:

Indicate your expertise level, if you need funding for travel or accommodation and what you want to work on.

  • Gaël Varoquaux, core developer, no funding needed
  • Guillaume Lemaitre, core developer, no funding needed
  • Adrin Jalali, core developer, needs (some) funding
  • Alex Gramfort, core developer, no funding needed
  • Roman Yurchak, core developer, no funding needed
  • Joel Nothman (at least until 28 Feb), core developer, funding={time: funded by U Sydney, airfare: have been offered, accommodation: TBD}, work_on={sample and feature props, review}
  • Joan Massich, contributor, no funding needed
  • Joris Van den Bossche, core developer, no funding needed
  • Andreas Mueller, core developer, no funding needed, working on governance finalization, SLEP process, SLEP reviewing, Roadmap
  • Nicolas Hug, contributor, no funding needed
  • Thomas Fan, contributor, no funding needed
  • Nicolas Goix, contributor, no funding needed

Suggested tasks

The most important tasks are to finish off pull requests, fix bugs and close issues. For this, it can be useful to look at tickets labeled 'easy':

Welcoming new contributors

The sprint is a great time for new contributors to become familiar with the project. We welcome newcomers. Please be sure to read the contributing section of the documentation, and to have a development environment ready in which you can install scikit-learn from scratch, build it, and use git to push changes to github.