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Urbanisation 4.0 & Mobility

Urbanisation 4.0 & Mobility

Intelligent and cooperative transport systems, based on traffic modelling, distributed and interactive traffic management and optimal decision-making are part of our application areas. 
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The collaborative use of information distributed between (semi) autonomous vehicles will promote significant progress in terms of safety and traffic. Also concerned are interconnected cyber-physical systems, which require the development of solutions for optimal distributed decision-making in a context of uncertainty. More generally, intelligent urbanization by integrating distributed sensor information sources for land use planning, resource management, transport and mobility.


The success of AI in transport and mobility depends largely on the quality of driving situation data and the ability to process it.


This labelling must be done manually today, which does not allow the desired performance to be achieved quickly. 
There is therefore a lack of availability of expertise and experimentation on a large scale. In addition, private actors have difficulty setting up projects in collaboration with researchers. 
A medium-term partnership mechanism has been launched by the DATAIA Institute. The Industrial Affiliation Program, in fact, aims to promote collaboration between academics and industry by promoting contact and exchange between them.