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Call for Short Contracts (A)

Call for Short Contracts (A)

  • Pre-requisites
  • Important Dates
  • Submission Process
The DATAIA Institute supports research in data science in the broadest sense - including computer science, mathematics and the humanities and social sciences - through an annual call for short contracts (PhDs and post-docs).
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Short contract proposals are intended to help PhD students or post-docs to finalize and improve the work done in their project. This may involve novel scientific contributions, software developments or novel application of an existing ideas. Applications are for a duration from 6 to 12 months. However, the committee has the possibility to reduce them to 6 months to allocate more fellowships.

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Proposals must involve at least one partner of the DATAIA Paris-Saclay ecosystem. Proposals involving two partners of the DATAIA Paris-Saclay ecosystem, from different labs, will receive a particular attention. The project topic must fit in one of DATAIA subject areas.

Important dates
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Deadline : 5 March 2021 at noon (Paris time)

Notification of decisions : 31 March 2021

Application process
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Proposition (2 pages)

The partners describe the objective of the project, its link with DATAIA, the work already completed by the student and by the partners and the intended contribution during the allocated time. The expected results (software, publications) should be described.


If the project is accepted, DATAIA will fund the student for 6 to 12 months at the usual grant level (as a post-doc or PhD student). The proposal has to clearly indicate whether the contract is PhD or post-doc contract.


In case of a PhD thesis, the manuscript should be sent to DATAIA upon publication. In case of a post-doc, a short scientific summary of contributions and publications (one page) will have to be sent. A short presentation may be requested during DATAIA's annual scientific days.

Required information

The application must include :

  • Names of the host laboratories and project leaders and their contact information
  • Names of laboratories (or teams) of the convergence institute that will benefit from the funding
  • Names, contact details of the scientific and administrative managers within each laboratory (team) of DATAIA partners receiving funds
  • Length of the stay and estimated arrival and departure dates of the internship


Applications must be sent by email to:

For any questions, please contact: