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Health IA

Health and well-being

Health and well-being

One of the potentials of artificial intelligence in the health environment, lies in its ability to recognize and correlate biological or physiological factors in large volumes of data.
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With the extraction of information from a large number of clinical practices and, medical journals, AI can help to make personalized correlations about risks or provide doctors with optimal decision support.


Access to health data is a major challenge for the development of AI in France.


There is no simple framework to accelerate the availability of data.

In France, in June 2018, the Ministry of Health launched a mission, the « Health Data Hub », to ease the use of health data for research and innovation purposes.

To counter this problem, the DATAIA Institute funded the « MissingBigData » research project in 2018, which aims to approach the problem of missing data from a different perspective and propose new, more powerful models from larger data samples to impute missing values.

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