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Call for Thesis Projects [UDOPIA Programme]

Call for Thesis Projects [UDOPIA Programme]

The UDOPIA PhD programme in Artificial Intelligence launched in 2020 builds on Paris-Saclay University's considerable strengths in AI and related fields to create a unique cohort of PhD students trained at the forefront of core AI topics, specialised AI topics and AI applications.
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Students will benefit from a rich ecosystem with close links to industry, and from existing instruments such as the DATAIA Paris-Saclay Institute or the SaclayIA computing platform. Specific accompanying measures will promote interdisciplinarity, mobility, entrepreneurship and the wide dissemination of research results to universities, industry and the general public.

The doctoral programme is co-financed by the French National Research Agency (ANR), and by the University of Paris-Saclay, its components, associates and partners, notably CentraleSupelec, CMLA's IDAML Chair, DATAIA, ENS Paris-Saclay, INRIA Saclay, Labex Hadamard, UEVE, Vedecom.

The programme consists of three calls for thesis projects in 2020, 2021 and 2022. 

Call 2022

Discover the text of the 2022 call

PhD students selected in 2022 will be recruited on a 36-month fixed-term contract starting in October 2022, with a gross monthly salary of €1925.


  1. Researchers submit thesis subjects on UDOPIA submission platform (to apply on the UDOPIA platform, please fill in the application form), and on ADUM.

    1. The subjects will be reviewed in February by a committee of experts in the field, both internal and external to the University of Paris-Saclay (2 to 3 rapporteurs per subject, followed by a committee meeting).

    2. The subjects that have been assessed and pre-selected are then posted on ADUM so that candidates can apply.

  2. Each doctoral school interviews the candidates who present their background and research projects.

  3. The doctoral schools then select the pairs of candidates who can be admitted to continue in the doctoral school.

  4. Finally, the UDOPIA programme committee ranks the UDOPIA candidates selected by the doctoral schools in order to select the candidates eligible for funding.


  • Opening of the programme: mid-November 

  • Deadline for submission of subjects (for supervisors): 14 January 2022 January 28th, 2022

  • Labelling of subjects by the UDOPIA jury: 18 February  February 24th, 2022

  • Deadline for applications via ADUM (for candidates): varies according to the Doctoral School

  • Audition of candidates: June 

  • Eligibility and funding results: 27 June