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Master 2 Students' Internships Call (A)

Master 2 Students' Internships Call (A)

  • Important Dates
  • Pre-requisites
  • Submission Process
  • Support
  • Acknowledgement & commitments
The DATAIA Institute supports data science and AI research - including computer science, mathematics and the human and social sciences - in Université Paris-Saclay labs and makes a call for “Master 2 Students’ Internships” projects yearly.
Important Dates
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  • Closing date of the call: 10th November 2023, 12 P.M. Paris Time.

  • Decision nofication : 8th December 2023

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  • The project leader must belong to a laboratory from eligible DATAIA partner institutions (see appendix 2).
  • The internship topic must be in the scope of DATAIA's overarching challenges
  • The reviewers will highly appreciate internship proposals that involve the collaboration of two people from two DATAIA partner institutions who do not belong to the same laboratory or to the same host institution

It is not essential to have a candidate before sending proposals. The detailed terms and conditions of project submissions are in the text of the call.

Submission Process
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All proposals must include

1 - Mandatory information such as

  • Title of the project
  • Names of the supervisors and their contact information
  • Names of the host laboratories and/or research teams
  • Name and CV of the trainee

2 - A project description (2 pages)

  • Objective of the internship
  • List of the partners' previous collaborations (if any)
  • DATAIA challenges that the internship is related to
  • Position statement on the chosen research topic

3 - A financial appendix stating

  • Amount of funding requested and duration of the internship
  • Start and end dates of the internship
  • Name of the institution that receives and manages the allocated funds
  • Names and contact information of administrative and financial contact

A proposal template is available online

The application must be sent by the host laboratory to

    Learn more
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    If the project is accepted, DATAIA will fund the student for 4 to 6 months at the usual grant level (approximately 650 euros per month).

      Acknowledgement & commitments
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      • All communication (publication, presentation) related to the internship must mention the funding of DATAIA:

      “This research was supported by DATAIA convergence institute as part of the ”Programme d’Investissement d’Avenir”, (ANR- 17-CONV-0003) operated by [Partner] XXX”

      • The internship report should be sent to DATAIA at the end of the internship
      • A short presentation may be requested during DATAIA's annual scientific days