Master 2 Students' Internships Call (A)

The DATAIA Institute supports data science and AI research (including computer science, mathematics and the human and social sciences) in Paris-Saclay University labs and makes a call for “Master 2 Students’ Internships” projects yearly.
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Master 2 Students' Internships Call (A)

Master 2 Students' Internships Call (A)

  • Prerequisites
  • Submission procedure
  • Soutien & Engagements


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Closed on November 10, the 2023 call has resulted in the selection of 19 internship topics for a total of 109 months of funding. The DATAIA Institute's partner establishments will receive funding to host an intern for 4 to 6 months.

See you in September for next 2024 call!

Corps de texte
  • The project leader must belong to a laboratory of a DATAIA partner institution listed in appendix 2 of the call;
  • The proposal must fall within the scope of DATAIA issues;
  • Projects involving several laboratories from different DATAIA partner institutions will be highly appreciated.

It is not imperative to have a candidate before submitting the project. Full terms and conditions are available in the call text.

Submission procedure
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1 - Mandatory information

  • Project title;
  • Names and contact details of supervisors;
  • Names of host laboratories and/or research teams;
  • Name and CV of the student who will carry out the internship.

2 - Project description (2 pages):

  • Purpose of internship, link to DATAIA;
  • List of partners' previous collaborations (if any);
  • Positioning of the project in terms of research and development.

3 - Financial appendix :

  • Amount of funding requested and duration of internship;
  • Planned start and end dates of internship;
  • Name of the institution receiving and managing the funds disbursed;
  • Names and contact details of administrative and financial contacts in charge of project follow-up.

A template is available for download.
The application must be sent by the host laboratory to

Soutien & Engagements
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If the project is accepted, DATAIA will fund the student for 4 to 6 months at the usual stipend level (around €650/month).


  • DATAIA's funding must be explicitly mentioned on all communications related to the project: "This research was supported by DATAIA convergence institute as part of the "Programme d'Investissement d'Avenir", (ANR- 17-CONV-0003) operated by [Partner] XXX";
  • The internship report should be sent to DATAIA at the end of the internship;
  • A short presentation may be requested at DATAIA's annual scientific days.