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The DATAIA Institute pilots the SaclAI-School training program of the University of Paris-Saclay, which aims to develop an ambitious and innovative AI school around multidisciplinary training and AI core.

Winner of the CMA (Compétences et Métiers d'Avenir) national call for expressions of interest launched by the ANR in December 2021, this training program is led by Frédéric PASCAL, Director and Sarah COHEN-BOULAKIA, Adjunct director of the Institute.

This program relies on a unique ecosystem - the first French ecosystem in AI - made up of three universities (Université Paris-SaclayUniversité d'ÉvryUniversité de Versailles-Saint-Quentin-en-Yvelines), three "Grandes Écoles" (CentraleSupélecENS Paris-SaclayAgroParisTech), as well as the CEAInria and INRAE. These partners are complemented by CentraleSupélec Exed, a continuing education organization, and the FMJH, a foundation of excellence promoting mathematics and its interactions.

The objectives of this training program are based on 4 axes :

Developing a school of excellence in AI on Paris Saclay

Establish a sustainable presence and provide a comprehensive and attractive training offer for students and professionals throughout the DATAIA ecosystem.

Massify training in AI and data science

Respond to societal challenges around AI by training diverse audiences at different skill levels, from acculturation to expertise in AI.

Connecting AI training stakeholders

To build an innovative framework in AI training exploiting the diversity of skills of the academic and industrial worlds and the complementarity of the pedagogical practices of Universities and "Grandes Écoles".

Supporting learners through flexible continuing education

To increase the level of competence in AI throughout one's professional life and/or to allow one to reorient oneself towards the AI professions.

In order to achieve these objectives, SaclAI-School is massively recruiting new teachers (among researchers and industrialists), through a unified and inter-institutional program of attached professors, common to Universities and "Grandes Écoles". The innovative nature of this training program is reflected in the development of several pedagogical tools, made available to students and professionals :

TutorIA and MixtAI

Promote equal opportunities for students with the implementation of a generalized tutoring system (TutorAI) in various disciplines of the IA core, from BAC+1 to BAC+5 and a program of scholarships for excellence (MixtAI), promoting parity and social mix.

BrevetAI and new training courses

To train for AI acculturation, thanks to the development of an AI patent (BrevetAI) delivered by a "learning-by-doing" pedagogical platform, offering training adapted to the needs and create or develop the career paths of internationally recognized AI experts, with AI training and applications oriented towards the needs of our society. These training courses rely on significant computing resources, provided by the purchase or rental of equipment.

Contact :

Meryem Kafnemer | Continuing formation manager

RecrutAI and ReconvertAI

Get closer to the industrial world by creating a new model of recruitment of employees trained at SaclAI-School (RecrutAI) for companies and communities and by setting up a retraining program (ReconvertAI) to train for jobs involving AI.

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