🏆 COFUND DeMythif.AI | CfP 2023 Winners


🏆 COFUND DeMythif.AI | CfP 2023 Winners

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The COFUND DeMythif.AI project, selected by the European Commission and led by the DATAIA Institute for the Paris-Saclay University, is pleased to announce the success of the 2023 call. This funding will enable 14 new theses to be co-financed for the start of the 2024 academic year and prepare the new call in September-October 2024.
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By the start of the 2024 academic year, the COFUND DeMythif.AI project will fund 14 theses on the theme of "AI and uncertainties": controlling uncertainties, managing explicability, encouraging frugality, across a broad spectrum of applications in fundamental or applied sciences and engineering. These themes are deliberately open to enable a broad integration of issues in and around AI within Paris-Saclay.

These international winners include a wide range of interdisciplinary and cross-sectoral topics, applied to the themes defined in the call: uncertainty, frugality, explicability.

DeMythif.AI is supported by CNRS, CEA, INRIA, INRAE and Onera, as well as IFPEN, LNE and ILLS, GIS LARTISSTE, IRT SystemX, industries EDF, GE Healthcare, IBM, RTE, Safran, Sanofi, SLB, startups Quantmetry, Cairnbio, LightOn and Phimeca.

Researchers at Paris-Saclay University are informed that a second call will take place in September-October 2024, which will be similar to the 2023 call.


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