Joint call 2023 - GS ISN/Institut DATAIA [CLOSED CALL]

Joint call 2023 - GS ISN/Institut DATAIA [CLOSED CALL]

Joint call 2023 - GS ISN/Institut DATAIA [CLOSED CALL]

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The Graduate School Informatique et Sciences du Numérique (GS ISN) will take over the Labex for the funding of research projects from 2023, in collaboration with the DATAIA Institute.
Corps de texte

Les appels à projets de thèse ont permis de sélectionner 5 projets que la GS ISN financera en partenariat avec la GS SIS et l'Institut DATAIA. Félicitations aux lauréat.e.s !

  • [EXERSYS] V. Guigue (INRAE, AgroParisTech) & N. Darcel (AgroParisTech, INRAE) & S. Dervaux (AgroParisTech) & C. Manfredotti (AgroParisTech) & F. Saïs (LISN) : An EXplainable RecommandER SYStem for the Nutrition Domain, combining Knowledge Graphs and Machine Learning
    Candidat : Alexandre COMBEAU
  • [HOLODECK] T. Isenberg (LISN/INRIA) & C. Sandor (LISN/CNRS) : Hybrid AR-Desktop Scientific Data Exploration
    Candidat : Yucheng LU
  • [SEE&SIGN] M. Gouiffes (LISN) & A. Braffort (LISN/CNRS) : Computer Vision and Natural Language Processing for enriching French Sign Language resources
    Candidate : Julie HALBOUT
  • [SPECTOGRAPH] J. Cabessa (DAVID) & M.-P. Gaigeot (LAMBE) : Spectral-Based Inverse Material Design with Graph Neural Networks
    Candidat : Oussama MOUHTAL
  • S. Chibarro (LISN) & G. Charpiat (LISN) & L.Mathelin (LISN)
    Candidate : Styliani DOUKA
Conditions of selection
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For this first year, the Graduate School of Computer and Digital Sciences (GS ISN) and the DATAIA Institute are funding up to 2 PhD grants. The amount allocated will cover the financing of the thesis and a part of the environment; amounts will be communicated later

The selection will be based on the quality and originality of the projects; we hope that they will lead to the emergence of a new cooperation between different research teams, on a new and original subject. Thus, the collaboration can be between two teams of the GS ISN but also between a team of the GS ISN and a team outside the GS but within the perimeter of the University Paris-Saclay (in this second case, the PhD student must be attached to the ED STIC).  
In addition, teams from outside the University of Paris-Saclay may be invited to participate in the project.
The proposals will be evaluated by a commission that may invite experts from outside the University of Paris-Saclay to assess the quality of the submitted projects.

For this reason, applications must be written in English.

This commission will label a maximum of 3 projects in the main list, and a complementary list of size to be determined.

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The next step will be the audition of the candidates by the ED STIC: the candidates for the labelled projects will have a financing provided that the project (subject + candidate) is classified by the doctoral school on the synchronized campaign (for a beginning of thesis in autumn 2023). The project must therefore also be submitted on ADUM.

Projects must be sent to before February 12th, 2023, in the form of a PDF file of maximum 5 pages including:

  • A presentation of the research teams involved, allowing to measure the interest of the collaboration (novelty and originality of the partnership, contribution for the teams concerned, etc);
  • A brief state of the art allowing to understand the scientific context and the positioning of the project (novelty and originality, scientific interest);
  • A description of the work required of the doctoral student, the methodology that will be adopted during the thesis and the organization of the work within the different teams, which allows to evaluate the involvement of each partner;
  • A brief description of the desired profile of the candidate (in terms of pre-requisites).
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